Cleaning and disinfecting your treated wrestling mats and wall pads on a regular basis is important to help reduce the risk of getting and spreading infections. The SurfaceAide Antimicrobial treatment will protect the surface between cleaning, but it is not a substitute for cleaning and disinfecting the mats.


Cleaning and Disinfecting:

  • We recommend cleaning the mats after each use. Depending on usage, wrestling mats should be cleaned once or twice a day.
  • Dust and remove any loose dirt from the surface. Use a soft bristle broom, microfiber dust pad, or Shop-Vac®. Make sure the Shop-Vac® does not have any sharp edges or parts that may damage the surface of the mat.
  • Use a cleaner and disinfectant to clean the mat. We recommend using our product SurfaceClean Plus. It is a concentrate one-step cleaner disinfectant that is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, including Staph and MRSA, fungi and virus, including Herpes Simplex Type 1.
  • When choosing a cleaner disinfectant, it is important to know and understand the different required wet contact times to effectively kill different harmful organisms between products. Always read the product label before using the product.
  • Avoid using bleach or Clorox to clean and disinfect the mats.
  • Dilute 2oz of SportsClean Plus in 1 gal of water. 1 gal of diluted solution of SurfaceClean Plus will cover up to 1000 sq ft. Always use chemical resistant gloves and safety goggles when using chemicals.
  • Fill the tank of the bucketless mop with the solution of SurfaceClean Plus. Place a clean pad on the frame of the unit and mop the mat. Keep the pad well soaked. Mop the surface in straight lines working from one end of the mat to the other. Use enough product as needed to remove stubborn stains, spilled liquids, etc. Do NOT allow solution to seep underneath the mat. We recommend having a dedicated bucketless mop for cleaning the mats.
  • Check the condition of the pad on a regular basis. Replace pad when it becomes significantly dirty.
  • If cleaning and disinfecting wall pads, spray solution of SurfaceClean Plus using a heavy duty hand trigger sprayer, and wipe entire surface using a no-lint rag.
  • Check the condition of the rag and replace it when it becomes significantly dirty.
  • Allow mat to fully dry before using or storing it. 

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